Bridger #2 O/S Canine Package w/ Pedersen DVD

Over a $200.00 value in this package!

Get everything you need to start catching canines in one package.

6-#2 Bridger Off Set Jaw Traps

1-Dirt Sifter

1-Package of 24 Pan Covers

1-Narrow Blade Trowel

1-Cold Creek 2 lb. Trapline Hammer

2-1 oz lures, Drifter's Fate Predator Lure and Bold Choice Long Distance Call Lure

1-8 oz Bottle of Red Fox Urine

1-Pint of Bait, Highway 61 Predator Bait: Attractive to all predators

1-Berkshire T-Top Driver

12-Berkshire Cable Stakes

12-6 gauge J-Hooks to connect the trap to the cable stakes

DVD-Slim Pedersen-Predator Trapping Problems & Solutions-Learn to trap predators from a legend! Slim has caught predators all across North America and you will see over 2 hrs of action packed footage of coyote, bobcats, red fox and more!