Book: Boddicker: Crit'R-Calling with the Major

Crit 'R Calling with the Major is an excellent book. When Crit'R calling the hunter becomes the hunted and the rules change. 73 pages of amusing and insightful information to make your calling experience a successful venture. Good Luck.

1. Predators--Probabilities and Populations

2. What makes them tick

3. Selecting a wildlife call

4. Squalling with the coyotes

5. Varmint calling and weather

6. Locations for calling stands

7. Varmint calls and delivery

8. the secret to successful calling

9. Variations in technique

10. Rifles, ammunition and accessories

11. Calling partners and screw-ups supreme

12. If once you don't succeed, to ____ with it

13. Hey, Rog, the drive shaft's too short

14. Products from rocky mountain wildlife