Book: Blair-Calling East & West

Predator Calling East and West is a well done book by Gerry Blair. Calling predators is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors. Developing the craft allows the hunter to enjoy the sport more. Many outdoorsmen are finding predator calling to be a way to extend their hunting seasons as most states have no regulated seasons on predators. Buyer beware: calling is very addictive. The chapters in this book include:

1. Calling expectations

2.Calling tubes

3. Tube techniques

4. Cassette callers

5. Calling aides

6. Gunning for fur

7. Reloading for fur

8. Shotgunning for fur

9. Calling Camouflage

10.Stand selection

11. Do it in the dark

12. Reading sign

13. Close-up coyote

14. Close-up bobcat

15. Western fox

16. Eastern calling

17. Calling a lion

18. Calling a bear

19. Close-up raccoon

20. The uncalled for

21. Handling fur

22. Advanced Alibiing

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