Book: Barringer: Snaring in the Space Age

Bernie Barringer is an expert trapper who has longlined for many years. He’s made outstanding catches. He’s also a professional writer. The two combined make this an excellent book. You will get your money’s worth from this book. Lots of pictures along concepts and technique fill this 102 page book.


Basic Snare Concepts

Basic Components of the device

-snare cable




-support collars

-making your own snares

-deer stops

-reducing snare damage to pelts

-tools of the trade

-avoiding non-target catches

Snaring Raccoon

-terminal techniques

-general location

-specific location

-gang setting

-pre-season trail preparation

-some unusual sets

Snaring Fox

-terminal techniques

-general location

-specific locations

-frozen marshes

Snaring Beaver

-terminal techniques


-under-ice beaver snaring

-spring beaver snaring

Snaring Mink

-terminal techniques

-general location

-specific location