Deep Creek All Predator Paste Bait-A deep, penetrating odor that calls predators to your sets and keeps them there working your sets. This all weather bait is deadly on coyote, bobcat, coon, red fox, grey fox and badger. This bait is top notch during season while fur trapping and is also great year round when predator control trapping. 8oz. $8.00, 16oz. $12.00

Apple Crunch DP Coon Bait-A great early season bait. When the coons are piling on winter fat rarely will they pass up fruit. This bait satisfies every coon’s sweet tooth. $8.95 pint

Cherry Bomb DP Coon Bait-A strong cherry aroma and an extremely sweet flavor. $8.95 pint

Fatal Step Premium Canine Bait-This all weather, top quality bait is deadly on all predators and works year round. It is excellent for coyote, bobcat, coon, red fox, grey fox and badger.  Works great at both flat sets and dirt hole sets.  It is made with a thinner consistency than a typical paste bait and holds odor longer to keep working through extreme cold in winter trapping conditions.

 Fish DP Coon Bait-A very strong fish odor. The grain in this bait and the intense fish odor is a combination coons simply can not resist. $8.95 pint

Smoked Fish DP Coon Bait-An extremely strong, concentrated coon attractant. This bait has the fish odor coons love with added ingredients that pull them to your sets. $8.95 pint

Smoked Shellfish DP Coon Bait-A time tested and proven coon attractant. This bait creates the natural scenario of a crawfish in a hole. Coons will aggressively work your DP’s to get the bait and when the coon gets to the trigger he will think that he has captured the crawfish and will attempt to pull it out.
$8.95 pint

Teepee Creek Paste Bait- A well tainted bait with multiple meats used in the base to give it a unique odor that canines just can't resist.  The unique base meat combination and added oils, glands and musks create a bait that makes predators work dirt hole sets aggressively.  This bait works great for coyote, fox, badger, bobcat, raccoon and skunk.

Twisted Anise DP Coon Bait-A powerful coon attractant that emits that unmistakable coon calling odor. It calls coons from a distance and keeps them focused on your sets. $8.95 pint

Liquid Frenzy Predator Bait - The name says it all.. This is a liquid bait that you can squirt down a dirt hole.  The bottle comes with a flip top cap to make this process easy.  It is a strong meat based bait that has been bottled in liquid form.  It keeps the predators at your set.  They can never get to what’s in the hole because the ground has absorbed it.  The predators turn your standard dirt hole into a crater trying to find it. This is an all season bait.  It has great attributes that really help the Southern Trapper/ADC trapper who has to deal with hotter temps, ants and flies.  This bait soaks into the ground while still omitting its enticing odor and the flies and ants have nothing to carry away. Predators watch out.  This bait works great on bobcat, coyote, fox, raccoon, badger and skunk.