Baits-Mark Steck

Alaskan Salmon Spread - Mink, Coon, Bear-A sticky lure/bait made from Alaskan Salmon. A fishy aroma that stays where you put it. Very edible and attractive to coon, mink, and bear. Available in 8oz or 16oz

Canine Kicker-We take ultra clean urine and add a musk that is irresistible to canines. We also add a base that allows this lure to work in very cold temperatures.  Available in pints only.

Coon Kicker-I originally learned of this formula from a North Dakota trapper in the late 1990’s. I got amazing results the first season I tried it. You can see the results first hand on our Running Hard with the Griz video. The day we filmed I had 61 coon all caught on Kicker. Available in pints, quarts, or gallons.
Growler Bob Predator Bait
When first formulated my dog “Bob” growled when working this bait. It’s proven deadly on my traplines in warm and cold weather.

Highway 61 Predator Bait-
Do you want canines to visit your sets or work your sets? A desirable bait with calling attributes Highway 61 has both. A complex formula that turns them in their tracks. Available in pints or gallons.

Half Horse/Half Devil Predator Bait
Horse meat has been a staple for government trappers going back to the 1930’s. Half Horse/Half Devil packs a powerful punch. With an equine base the additional ingredients are “in the details.” The track record of this formulation is second to none.  Available in pints or gallons.

Hurricane Paste Bait - Muskrat, Coon, Beaver-
Powerful, sweet, and sticky. A sinus clearing bait that is deadly on coon and muskrats. Excellent on Beaver too. Available in 8oz or 16oz

Laughing Lady-
Coon Lure/Bait-
Passed on to me from a Pennsylvania Lure maker. Sticks to about anything and holds up to rain and cold weather. Stays where you put it unless hauled off by a coon. Put on a stick, bridge abutment, DP, or anything handy. Excellent on Muskrats too! Available in 8oz or 16oz

Pipe Paste-
Meat based and very sticky. Perfect for elbow sets and other pipe related sets. Also a great smear bait for abutments and bridge wall. Used in the Pipe Trapping video made by Mark Steck. Available in pints only.

Wretched Heart Predator Bait-
Predators love this bait. A bobcat meat base with additional ingredients no sane predator will ignore. Available in pints or gallons.

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