Baits-Mark June

Mark June’s Widowmaker Predator Paste Bait: Non-tainted bobcat meat base designed to catch targeted animals. You can smell all the top-grade mink glands and beaver castor in this bait, but high grade agents like lanolin keep this bait “going and going” in harsh wet or dry weather. Super effective down a hole-makes ‘em dig for it. Works great with all lures. 16 oz. $12.00

Mark June’s Crawfish Coon Bait: Attracts animals that feed on crawfish. As far as coon, mink, and otter goes, we grind this paste type bait shells and all for super eye appeal. For you canine trappers, fox and coyotes will aggressively try to lick, bite, and eat this bait! 16 oz. $12.00

Mark June’s Ringtail Cocktail Coon Bait: Years and years of catching and skinning piles of coon led us to this beauty....powerful calling ingredients + smoked fish and weather proofed= boat loads of coon! Thick and Powerful. 16 oz. $12.00

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