3-Meat: (predator paste) - Looking for a loud / putrid trash callin’ bait for fox and coyote? This ain’t it! A fresh ground (mild) paste bait of mouse, beaver and muskrat. Compounded and blended to just the right flavor and odor that coyotes, fox and cats go for. New Blood in a market laden with stink baits.
NOTE: Open gob of paste into a smear when possible at set. Animal can’t steal that like a chunk bait (work set harder). Smear produces more odor than gob. $8.00 per 8 oz. jar

Fatal Attraction; (Fortified Shellfish Bait)
- Dynamite! Bold and tenacious in character. The sharp bite of shellfish is the main theme. Top notes of oyster, clams, & sardines are also in order here. Stable and compelling undertones of extracts, emulsions and oils. All ride together to cut the cold night air like a razor knife. Absolute best there is for prime winter coon that will not go into icy cold water for lesser baits (they will for this one). All-season, universal bait for mink, coon, fox, coyote, and ‘cats. Excellent bear attractant. The flagship of our bait line. $8.00 per 8 oz. jar

Fur King
: (sweet paste) - Clean out the coon around barns & dwellings without catching house cats. Loud sweet paste bait creates intense hunger/ curiosity effect year round on fox, coon, beaver, ‘rats, nutria, skunk, & chucks. Won’t dry out with summer use. Day after day, we ship Fur King to fur -trappers & ADC men alike. You’ll still be able to do it your way - only better.The Flagship of our bait line. $8.00 per 8oz. jar

Main Squeeze
: Water-resistant liquid predator bait. This bait will run the table on coyote, fox & coon. Unlike any odor on the market. $10.00 per pint

Thumbs up
: Top effectiveness with pipe style traps requires a bait with more than good odor. Thumbs Up is a two-way bait (flavor and odor) equal in pipe or regular coon traps. Our top mink bait. $8.00 per 8 oz. jar

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