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  • Used MB 550 traps
    These traps have been used for one season only. They have additional High Grade chain and an inline swivel added to them.
  • sleepy Creek 1.5 coil springs Made in USA
    We have 12 of these 1.5 sleepy Creek traps. These are an awesome trap. They are built to last. These are in very nice shape. Sleepy Creek #1 1/2 double...
  • Used #3 Sleepy Creek OS #3SCOS Used #3 Sleepy Creek OS #3SCOS
    Used #3 Sleepy Creek OS #3SCOS
    Used #3 SC Offset coil spring traps. These are in very nice condition.

  • Used SVS #4 Dogless Trap - Offset Jaw, Laminated, big pan
    These are a fantastic cat trap. No need to cover the trap, just guide the cat to step on the huge pan. I've caught a lot of coyotes with this...
  • Used Victor 1.5 Modified Coilspring Traps
    These are the best of the best Victors, -#2 springs-Upgraded Chain-Inline shock springs-Trimmed panWhoever owned these traps knew what they were doing. These are ready to use.    
  • Used Duke #2 square jaw OS Coil Spring traps 4-coiled
    A fine choice for coyotes. These traps are in excellent condition. They have additional high grade chain added. The #2 Duke 4-Coiled Offset Jaws Coil Spring Trap has a 5...
  • used 1.5 Northwoods Round Jaw Traps
    These are in average condition.
  • Used Duke 1.5 coil spring, good condition, muskrat, mink, coon, fox
    These traps are used but in good condition. The are ready to set. Should we find any with inferior springs we will send new replacement springs with that specific trap....
  • Used Duke #2 Square Jaw; Reg Jaw Coil Spring Traps 4-coiled
    An excellent choice for coyote and bobcat. Closed Jew. The #2 Duke 4-Coiled Coil Spring Trap has a 5 7/8" jaw spread.
  • used Victor Stoploss excellent condition vicSL
    These traps are in excellent condition in every respect.
  • Used Montgomery 1.5 Round Jaw
    These traps are in average condition. Springs are good
  • Used #3 Victor Jump traps
    Good condition. Good on coyote, cats, etc.
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