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  • Wire, 9 Gauge Wire
    Specially annealed, to soften the wire so it is not brittle. This wire works excellent for snare supports, drowner wires, and attaching traps. 3.5lb roll is approx. 62ft long 10lb...
  • Preprinted Copper Tags
    Machine printed for fast service. Each tag order must have the same wording. Up to 3 lines and 20 spaces per line. When you are viewIng your "SHOPPING CART", you...
  • Redman Snare Tool
    I am never without this tool when running snares. Speed isthe key and the Redman Snare tool makes this possible. Agrooved notch in the end fits either 9 or 11...
  • 8" Cable Cutter
    An economy cable cutter that will give you good clean cuts on snare cable up to 3/32nd in size. Great for on the line or in the shop. Drop forged...
  • Cold Creek Write-On Trap Tags
    These are made out of zinc. To write on these you simply use a pen or pencil to emboss your data onto the soft metal of the tag. Zinc does not rust or...
  • Flake Anti-freeze
    Either mix with dry dirt or layer the anti-freeze as you make your set to help keep your traps operating in freezing weather.
  • Pre-cut Support Wires
    The same support wires that we send out with our snare packages. Made of 9 gauge wire and approx. 36" long.
  • Cold Creek Coil Spring Setters
    The handles of these coil spring trap setters slip over the traps levers giving you extra leverage when setting strong springed traps. Designed to work with all sizes of coilspring...
  • Trapping Trowel
    Great for land or water trapping.     A 25" Wide blade d-handle trapping trowel. Built strong for years of use. A 25" Narrow blade d-handle trapping trowel. Built strong...
  • Light weight metal sifter
    A must have tool for land trapping. This sifter is nice and light which helps the trapper to avoid fatigue when running lots of traps.
  • Dirt Hole Augers
    Power in dirt holes and trap beds quickly with minimal effort.  Available in either a 1.5" or a 2" flighting.  18" long and fits 1/2" drills.  
  • Cold Creek BG Setters
    Durable, lightweight setters that have machined aluminum handles and allows you to set any body grip trap with ease. Lifetime Warranty. Mini-BG Setter will set up to 220s. $9.95Large Setter...
  • Iowa Disposable Stakes
    Lightweight and durable, open on both ends and can be used in either the water or on land, Comes with or without cable attached.
  • Cold Creek 2 lb Trapline Hammer
    A multi-purpose tool. Great for land trappers. The hammer head is 2 pounds and has a heavy duty red fiberglass handle. A Chisel is welded on one side for easy...
  • Iowa Disposable/Super Stake Driver
    Powder coated orange so you won't lose or forget when you set it down, works with either super stakes or Iowa disposable stakes. 24" long with a welded T-handle that...
  • Barker's Skunk Sleeper
    Barkers Skunk SleeperMade for euthanizing skunks the Sleeper mount is a finely machined aluminum syringe holder made specifically for the trapper. It attaches to a broom handle or paint stick.Included1,...
  • Wire, 14 Gauge
    Specially annealed, to soften the wire so it is not brittle. 3-1/2 pound roll.  Approx. 300'
  • Cold Creek Dog Proof Trap Setter
    Easily compress z trap, duke dp, or grizz style traps with this setter. Powdered coated red to keep you from losing it. LIFETIME WARRANTY
  • All-in-One Snare Stake Support
    Anchor and support your snare with one piece of equipment!  The All-in-One lets you put out a lot of snares in a short amount of time.  Slide a quick snap...
  • Cold Creek "No Pinch" S-Hook Tool
    Opens and closes S-hooks and rivets. A must on the trapline and for trap prep.
  • Fiberglass Trap Pan Covers #230
    #230 RECTANGLE for #2 and #3 Traps 24 Per Pack. Pan covers sealed in plastic bag to keep all foreign odors out.
  • Cold Creek 3 lb Trapline Hammer
    A multi-purpose tool. Great for land and water trappers. The hammer head is 3 pounds and has a heavy duty green fiberglass handle. A Chisel is welded on one side...
  • DL Pro Snare Support
    Used by Mark for the last few years, the DL Pro Snare Support is very quick and efficient.  Pound in the ground, support your snare, and go!
  • Barkers Latex Pan Cover
    Thin, flexible, waterproof, washable and reusable.  Keep dirt and water from getting under your pan to keep traps operating in all kinds of weather. Sealed to keep odors out. Available...
  • Fluorescent Flagging, 1 Roll
    Can be used many ways on the trapline. From flagging sets to check from a distance to eye appeal for cats and more.
  • Freedom Brand Sifter
    The Freedom Brand Heavy Duty Sifter is built to stand up to many seasons of heavy use on your trapline.  It is constructed of 14 gauge steel and 7/8” x...
  • BG-Safety
    Don't become a member of the "220 club." Our BG-safety allows you to position the trap without the danger of it going off. The safety fits all size conibears and...
  • Fiberglass Trap Pan Covers #320
    #320 Round for #2 and #3 Traps with round jaws. 24 Per Pack. Pan covers sealed in plastic bag to keep all foreign odors out. These pan covers are the...
  • Wolf Fang Driver Replacement Tips
    Replacement tips for wolf fang drivers
  • Cedar Creek Dog Proof Trap Setter
    Slide the DP setter on the trap and squeeze to compress the spring and set the DP with your free hand.  Has tubing that helps hold the trap in place....
  • Trap Pan Adjuster
    Will fit all model coil and long springs. Use to raise or lower the position of your trap pan. Just slide the notched end over the dog and either bend...
  • Swager-Bench
    A great tool for making snares, drowners, cable stakes ect. Designed for swaging aluminum stops and sleeves. Serves as a cable cutter too.
  • Bucket Organizer
    Use on 5 gallon buckets, will lures, urines, and baits separate from each other.
  • BDP Hammer
    Black Dog Professional Trapper’s hammer (BDP)We dare you to wear out the Black Dog Pro. The BDP was designed by trappers and engineers. It offers efficiency and comfort to the...
  • Trappers Pliers
    6" long with a side cutter and flat jaws. Numerous uses on the trapline.
  • Wire, 16 Gauge
    Specially annealed, to soften the wire so it is not brittle. 3-1/2 pound roll.  Approx. 450'
  • Cable Cutter Holster
    Quality leather holster securely holds the Economy or the Swiss C-7 cutter or similar sized tools.
  • Trap Drags
    These drags are great for use in areas with tall grass or heavier vegetation.  Attach using a 6 gauge S-Hook, Sleep EZ Spring Hook or lap link. The coyote size drag...
  • Fiberglass Trap Pan Covers #150
    #150 ROUND for #1-1/2 Traps 24 Per Pack. Pan covers sealed in plastic bag to keep all foreign odors out.
  • Freedom Brand Saber-Tooth Junior Drag
    The Freedom Brand Saber-Tooth Jr. Drag is an aggressive drag that is ideal for coon trapping.  This drag is excellent for use at both water and land sets and also...
  • 18" Bolt Cutters
    Cut chain, s or j-hooks, and wire with ease.
  • Mega Sifter
    This heavy-duty sifter is built to take the use and abuse of the professional land trapper or the part-timer running a few sets. If you are tired of buying a...
  • PVC Catch Pole
    Patented pull type cable lock that will not open if bumped. One of the safest poles available. This is a great catch pole and is a full 48" long. Coated...
  • Barkers BG Stand
    Fits BG traps from 110 all the way up to 330.  Very fast system that allows you to get a lot of traps of when trail trapping.  The portion that...
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