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  • Running Hard with the Grizz DVD
    Running Hard with the Griz Follow Pro trapper Mark Steck on his South Dakota coon line as he nails 61 coons in one check using the Lil' Griz Get'rz. A...
  • Steck - Dryland Coon Trapping DVD
    DRYLAND COON TRAPPINGUNPLUGGED Huge coon are consistently caught on dryland, and veteran trapper Mark Steck knows how to get them. Join Mark on a working trapline as he shows you...
  • DVD-Hauser-Longlining, Racoons & Conibears
    Longline coon trapper Ron Hauser takes raccoon trapping one step farther than most. Proper trail trapping is the fastest, deadliest method to harvest and target mostly adult raccoons. See doubles...
  • DVD-Hauser-Winter Coon Trapping
    Long time trapper Ron Hauser and Big Scott bring you along as they trap their Minnesota winter coon lines. Learn from Hauser, how to locate winter denning areas, winter trails...
  • DVD-Hauser-Raccoons, Coil Springs 'n' Blind Sets - with Ron Hauser
    Hauser’s first trapped raccoon was caught in a BLIND SET 40 years ago. Hauser has adapted his trapping skills from observing raccoons, other trappers and many seasons on the line...
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