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  • Dog Proof-Duke Dog Proof Trap

    Duke has introduced a dog proof trap. It is a replica of the Lil' Griz trap. These traps are fast and effective. They work extremely well with sheep wool underneath...
    From $ 12.95
  • Dogproof- Z-Trap

    The Z-trap's Two way Trigger results in more coon being caught with less bait loss. If the trigger doesn't go off when coons put their paw in trap, it still triggers...
    From $ 14.95
  • Dog Proof-Freedom Brand FB1Raccoon Trap

    The Freedom Brand FB1 Dog Proof Raccoon Trap is loaded with innovative features. The full back plate and quick set design make setting this trap fast, comfortable and easy without...
    From $ 13.95
  • Dog Proof-Freedom Brand FB2 Raccoon Trap

    The Freedom Brand FB2 Dog Proof Raccoon Trap is a traditional style dog proof raccoon trap that features a strong music wire spring, a sensitive trigger system, and an innovative...
    From $ 11.95
  • Dog Proof-Soup Can DP

    You supply the outside body of the trap from any soup can with a 3” opening. This saves you money by allowing you to use something most people would throw away. The...
    From $ 11.95
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