Mark Steck's Dakotaline Baits & Lures

Mark Steck animal lures and baits have evolved from various sources and icons of the industry. Some have come from my own five decades of intense trapping. I use ingredients that come from near and far. I want the best of the best for my use and yours too.

The lures and baits I use come from the very same stock we sell to our customers. It’s the way it always has been and always will be. I want you to have the same success on the line that I do. ~ Mark


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  • Mark Steck's "All Gopher" Predator Bait
    Call it a bait or lure All Gopher is a fantastic predator bait. Besides tainted and ground gopher we've added ingredients giving it both a curiosity and food attractant. Think...
  • Mark Steck's "Bold Choice LLDC" Lure
    A long, long, distance call lure with absolutely nothing subtle about it. From Coyotes to Fisher, it reaches out and grabs them by the nose. Forewarn your mailman.
  • Mark Steck's "Canine Kicker" Bait
    We take ultra clean urine and add a musk that is irresistible to canines. We also add a base that allows this lure to work in very cold temperatures.  
  • Mark Steck's "Coon Kicker" Bait
    I originally learned of this formula from a North Dakota trapper in the late 1990’s. I got amazing results the first season I tried it. You can see the results first...
  • Mark Steck's "Dirt Roads" Coyote Gland Lure
    Pure cut and aged coyote glands made into a thick paste. Designed to bring out territorial instincts in the local coyote population. Good any time of the year.  
  • Mark Steck's "Drifters Fate" Predator Lure
    A Coyote, Fox and Cat predator lure made from the finest glands and musk money can buy. 
  • Mark Steck's "Freight Train" Lure
    Skunk and more will fill your hollows and draws with a powerful and lasting fragrance no reasonable mammal can pass up. Good on canines, cat, and of course Fisher and...
  • Mark Steck's "Growler Bob" Predator Bait
    When I first formulated this bait, my dog “Bob” growled when working this bait. It’s proven deadly on my trap-lines in warm and cold weather.
  • Mark Steck's "Half Horse/Half Devil" Predator Bait
    Horse meat has been a staple for government trappers going back to the 1930’s. Half Horse/Half Devil packs a powerful punch. With an equine base the additional ingredients are “in...
  • Mark Steck's "Harding County" Fox Gland Lure
    Made from quality aged glands and additives to create a “foxy” smell. Good all season long. 
  • Mark Steck's "Highwater" Muskrat Lure
    A sticky smear type lure. We formulated this so it stays put (even through some rain) and does not evaporate.  “I’ve taken over 350 rats in one check using Highwater. It works!” ...
  • Mark Steck's "Highway 61" Predator Bait
    Do you want canines to visit your sets or work your sets? A desirable bait with calling attributes, Highway 61 has both. A complex formula that turns them in their tracks....
  • Mark Steck's "Hurricane" Paste Bait
    Powerful, sweet, and sticky. A sinus clearing bait that is deadly on Coon and Muskrats. Excellent on Beaver too. 
  • Mark Steck's "Laughing Lady" Bait
    An excellent Coon Lure/Bait. Passed on to me from a Pennsylvania lure maker. Sticks to about anything and holds up to rain and cold weather. Stays where you put it unless hauled...
  • Mark Steck's "Lethal Dose" Lure
    Guess what’s in this. You won’t. Lethal dose is an artistic blend of many meats, glands and oils. It was tested by five trappers in the fall of 2016. The...
  • Mark Steck's "Retch’n Gretchen" Predator Lure
    Skunk essence? YES, but so much more. Long range musky and close range intense. Excellent on Coyote, Fox, Badger, Raccoon, Bobcat, Marten and Fisher. "I first used this lure formulation in 1983...
  • Mark Steck's "Sweet Marie" Beaver Lure
    A blend of Northern Castors that shout “I’m moving into your territory.” We guarantee results or we’ll refund your money. Give this a try on your canine line. You’ll be in for...
  • Mark Steck's "Two Riders" Lure
    A blend of high grade musks and oils with outstanding calling attributes. Formulated for Coyotes, Fox and Bobcats.
  • Mark Steck's "Watch Tower" Predator Lure
    Combines three significant ingredients that all predators pursue. There is simply no other lure out there to compare Watchtower with. Strong, enticing, natural, and made to rock on your trap-line.
  • Mark Steck's "Wretched Heart" Predator Bait
    Predators love this bait. A bobcat meat base, with additional ingredients no sane predator will ignore.
  • Mark Steck's Alaskan Salmon Spread Bait
    A sticky lure/bait made from Alaskan Salmon. A fishy aroma that stays where you put it. Very edible and attractive to Raccoon, Mink, and Bear.  Note: Salmon Spread will become hard...
  • Mark Steck's Pipe Paste Bait
    Meat based and very sticky. Perfect for elbow sets and other pipe related sets. Also a great smear bait for abutments and bridge wall. Used in the Pipe Trapping video made by...
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