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  • Cold Creek "Land Trapper" Gloves
    Cold Creek “Land Trapper”-Made for the serious trapper & outdoorsman, the Land Trapper gloves have excellent feel and grip, with warmth down to -10 degrees F. -Made from a breathable...
  • Blue Nitrile Skinning Gloves
    More durable than latex, they will protect you from bacteria and keep your hands mess free. Available in box only. 1 box=50 pairs.
  • Cold Creek Shoulder Gauntlets
    Comfortable and fabric lined, the Cold Creek Shoulder Gauntlets offer warmth, great feel, excellent grip, and will remain flexible when the temperature drops. One size fits most, but may be...
  • Cold Creek Full Arm Gauntlets
    Cold Creek full arm trapping gauntlets. These insulated gauntlets offer 26" of good feel, flexibility and warmth. Large opening for easy on and off. Made for the serious water trapper....
  • Otterback Snare Gloves
    Tons of feel to allow you to both make your set and mark your GPS.
  • 12" Land Trapping Gloves
    These are a great dirt trapping glove. Some trappers keep two pair on hand. One for regular sets and one pair for skunk catchers. These gloves where wear real well...
  • Cold Creek 18" Water Trapping Gloves
    The quality you expect from Cold Creek.  An excellent water trapping glove that offers warmth.
  • CLOSEOUT - Knit Wrist Rubber Gloves Per Pair CLOSEOUT - Knit Wrist Rubber Gloves Per Pair
    CLOSEOUT - Knit Wrist Rubber Gloves Per Pair
    Thick rubber gloves with knit wrist.   Closing out, grab them while they last! $0.75 PER PAIR

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