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  • Jeff Dunlap's "Alpha" Lure
    Dunlap's Alpha Predator Lure is a food lure that makes predators come into your sets believing they are going to steal another predator's hidden meal.  This lure is highly attractive...
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Beaver" Lure
    A castor based lure that has caught 1,000’s of Beavers. Works all year.
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Big Pile Fish DP Coon" Bait
    This is a good go to bait for later in the fall. Real fish taste and designed for dogproof traps. Use this bait if you want to catch a big...
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Big Pile Smoked Fish DP Coon" Bait
    Good go to bait for later in the fall. Real fish taste and smoke for a call lure.
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Big Pile Very Berry DP Coon" Bait
    Designed for use in dog proof traps and is highly attractive to Raccoons. Has a sweet taste and a berry smell Coons can’t resist.
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Bobcat" Gland Lure
    A very strong, creamy, gland lure that big toms find irresistible. Works great in cages as well as flat and dirt hole sets.
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Bobcat" Lure
    A unique lure that really brings in Bobcats. Gets and holds their attention.
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Cat Reaper" Lure
    This lure is highly attractive to Bobcats and has been formulated to grab their attention and drag them to your set. If you want to catch big numbers of Bobcats...
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Choke Cherry DP" Sauce
    A very strong wild cherry smell and a sweet taste. Works great on bait in dogproofs and as a trailing scent.
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Coon Fish" Lure
    A heavy fish lure that is highly attractive to Coon and Mink.
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Coon Gland" Lure
    It has 100% Coon glands with a kick to call in those big boars in the coldest weather.
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Coon Sweet" Lure
    A very sweet Coon lure that really draws them in. Works great smeared on dog proof traps or in pocket sets.
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Death Coyote Gland" Lure
    Coyote glands aged to bring these ol' wary dogs to flat or post sets.
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Depredator" Paste Bait
    Depredador Paste BaitHighly attractive to all predators. This bait has a beaver base and just the right touch of essential oils predators love. Location Predator BaitThis bobcat base predator bait has...
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Finese" Lure
    A super fishy lure with castor, musks and high quality essential oils that Grey Fox and Bobcats love.
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Grey Devil" Lure
    This Grey Fox gland lure is top shelf. It is a very thick, musky lure which will put the grey devils right in the sweet spot.
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Hellfire Long Call" Smear Lure
    A very loud call lure that contains lots of 100% uncut Skunk essence.  This lure has a thick and sticky smear type base that allows it to stay put and...
  • Jeff Dunlap's "JD’S Predator Gland" Lure
    A gland lure that will get the job done on all predators.  
  • Jeff Dunlap's "LDC Fisher" Lure
    One of the top Fisher lures on the market. It has the right amount of oils, musks and Skunk essence to put up large numbers of Fisher.  
  • Jeff Dunlap's "LDC Marten" Lure
    Packed with Beaver castor and Skunk essence along with essential oils and a smearable base makes this lure a must on your line.
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Lightning in a Bottle" Lure
    A high powered long call lure that is very, very loud.  It is smearable and will go on anything such as trees, bridges, fence posts, etc.  It also can be...
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Location Predator " Bait
    This Bobcat base predator bait has been tested in the north and the south. It has a tainted sweet smell with a kick of Mink musk. Use alone or with...
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Long Call" Lure
    A very strong call lure that works great for all predators. Many top oils and Skunk essence calls them in from a long distance.
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Mink" Lure
    A food/gland lure which will pull Mink in to your sets. Works great on pocket or block down sets.
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Muskrat" Lure
    This lure has a musky odor that really calls them in. Hard to keep Muskrats out of your traps with this lure.
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Otter" Lure
    A combination gland and food lure that has produced great results in the north and the south.
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Predator" Lure
    If you’re looking for something new and different, this is it. This lure contains essential oils and musks that are attractive to all predators.
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Rat-a-Tat-Tat" Lure
    Has a super sweet berry smell that Grey Fox can’t resist. You don’t have to use a lot to get their attention. Excellent for Coon as well.
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Reaper Coyote Gland" Lure
    This Coyote gland lure is highly charged with glands and essential oils that together have caused many Coyotes to realize why this lure has its name. Works great as a...
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Red Fox Matrix" Lure
    A very unique passion gland lure. It is very attractive to Fox. Also deadly on yearling and pup Coyotes.
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Red Gland" Lure
    You can’t underestimate a great Red Fox gland lure and this one is just that - great. Many Cats, Coyotes, Red and Grey Fox have fallen to this lure. It...
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Skunk" Lure
    A food type lure that is highly attractive to Skunks and has been specially formulated to be less attractive to domestic animals. This thick paste lure is excellent for use...
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Smoked Fish DP" Sauce
    This sauce has it all. Fishy taste and a smoky smell that will drag the coon in.Just add your bait to the dog proof trap and pour on the sauce....
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Sweet Anise DP" Sauce
    Add bait to your dog proofs and apply sauce. Also a great call lure and trailing scent.
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Very Berry DP" Sauce
    This special sauce has a very berry smell and sweet taste. Just add bait toyour dog proof trap and squirt on Very Berry Sauce. Coon come a runnin’.
  • Jeff Dunlap's "War Paint" Lure
    Dunlap's War Paint Lure is highly attractive to coyote, red fox, grey fox, bobcat, fisher and marten.  This long distance call lure contains a mix of calling ingredients, including 100%...
  • Jeff Dunlap's "Yote Gland SK" Lure
    This Coyote gland lure has a hint of Skunk to pull them in and a really musky gland undertone odor to put them at the exact spot you want them....
  • Jeff Dunlap's Smear Baits
    Your choice, only $9.95.    These baits work great in dog proof and cage traps and are ideal for smearing on bridge walls, trees, etc.
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