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  • All-in-One Snare Stake Support
    Anchor and support your snare with one piece of equipment!  The All-in-One lets you put out a lot of snares in a short amount of time.  Slide a quick snap...
  • Berkshire 18" T-Top Driver
    Slide the berkshire stake on to the pointed end drive in the ground, give a tug to "set" the stake and go.
  • Berkshire Disposable Stakes
    The first truly disposable earth anchor system available. The Berkshire Disposable Stake end is the least expensive and lightest staking system on the market. Can be used on traps or...
  • EZ Set Support Wires
    Support wire and swivel in one piece for snare builders. The same set-up Dakotaline uses on our EZ set snares. Available in versatile size or mink.rabbit.
  • Freedom Brand Saber-Tooth Drag
    The Freedom Brand Saber-Tooth Drag is a highly aggressive drag that locks up predators fast.  You don’t need brush or trees or roots to pin a coyote where you want...
  • Freedom Brand Saber-Tooth Junior Drag
    The Freedom Brand Saber-Tooth Jr. Drag is an aggressive drag that is ideal for coon trapping.  This drag is excellent for use at both water and land sets and also...
  • Iowa Disposable Stakes
    Lightweight and durable, open on both ends and can be used in either the water or on land, Comes with or without cable attached.
  • Iowa Disposable/Super Stake Driver
    Powder coated orange so you won't lose or forget when you set it down, works with either super stakes or Iowa disposable stakes. 24" long with a welded T-handle that...
  • Rebar Stakes
    Use in water or on land.
  • Wolf Fang Disposable Stakes
    Wolf Fang Earth Anchors have a large surface area and are tough enough to be used in all soil conditions.
  • Wolf Fang Driver
    Freedom Brand Wolf Fang Earth Anchor Drivers are custom made for use with Wolf Fang earth anchors and are available in two styles.  The standard driver is 24" long and...
  • Wolf Fang Driver Replacement Tips
    Replacement tips for wolf fang drivers
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