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  • B Grade Wiebe Elite Double Edged Fleshing Knife B Grade Wiebe Elite Double Edged Fleshing Knife
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    B Grade Wiebe Elite Double Edged Fleshing Knife
    The B Grade Elite Fleshing knife functions just like the A grade, but does have minor flaws that in no way affect the performance of the knife. Made for those...
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  • -50%
    Book- Tingley-Professional Trappers Manual
    48 pages. V.E. Tingley's "Professional Trapper's Manual" Book covers a little bit of everything. Multiple species, multiple sets, and also scents. He tries to cover all the little but important...

  • -50%
    Book-Tingley-Advanced Fox Trapping
    26 pages. "Advanced Fox Trapping" by V. E. Tingley. Shows you methods that will enable any trapper to take fox in heavily trapped areas.

  • Book: Alstat, Coons with Conibears
    Coons With Conibears is the name of this book. It's written by Pelmar Alstat. It contains good information on trapping coon with conibears. 20 pages
  • -40%
    Book: Arnold Professional Beaver and Otter Trapping
    Professional Beaver and Otter Methods Walter Arnold was born in 1894. His father Alonzo was a market hunter.. from 1850 to 1890 during the time it was legal in Maine....

  • Book: Boda; Fox Trappers Shop Manual
    The Fox Trappers Shop Manual is a classic 64 page book written by Bud Buda. Buda covers a lot of ground in this manual. The book contains a large volume...
  • -50%
    Book: Boda; Land Trappers Trouble Shooting Guide
    Bud Buda is known for his large catches of canines during the fur boom of the late 1970's. This book goes into great detail. It is 87 pages in length....

  • -38%
    Book: Bradley: Beaver Trapping Maine Methods
    Beaver Trapping Maine Methods is a 91 page book written by expert trapper Norm Bradley. Bradley is known for his expertise in trapping beaver under the ice. Trapping beaver under...

  • -50%
    Book: Bradley: Fox Trapping Maine Methods
    44 pages of trapping the fox using Maine methods. Norm Bradley is a seasoned trapper and sets forth in this book his experience and methods for catching the fox. Included...

  • -44%
    Book: Bushy: Trapping and Handling Beaver and Otter
    This book is called Trapping and Handling Beaver and Otter. It is written by well known author Dennis Bushy. This book is nicely done as Dennis walks you through the...

  • -50%
    Book: Clouser, Space Age Fox Trapping
    Space age Fox Trapping is written by John Clouser. John is well known for his trapping expertise. This book was written in 1967. It is 59 pages and has lots...

  • -38%
    Book: Clouser: Space-Age Beaver and Otter Trapping
    Space - Age Beaver and Otter Trapping is a 41 page book written by John Clouser. The book is nicely done and offers some very good information. The nature of...

  • -40%
    Book: Coon Trappers Bible
    The Raccoon Trappers Bible by Guy Johnson is a book that does a good job in covering the aspects of coon trapping. Johnson describes and illustrates various sets using different...

  • -50%
    Book: Faler: Fox Caller's Guide
    The Fox Callers Guide is written by expert trapper and woodsman Richard Faler Jr. It is an excellent book that is packed with great information. The chapters include:   Introduction...

  • -50%
    Book: Faler: Fox Calling, The Time Gap System
    Written by Rich Faler. The Time Gap System is 52 pages in length. The chapters include: 1. Introduction 2. The numbers game 3. Time Gap cassettes 4. Fox recordings 5....

  • -40%
    Book: Fisher: Coon Catching without Dogs and Traps
    A very unique book on harvesting coon without dogs or traps. 28 pages. This is the first book Faler has published for anyone else. Faler has published this book for...

  • -43%
    Book: Helfrich: Learning to Trap Right!
    Learning to Trap Right is written by well known author and expert trapper Jim Helfrich. All of Helfrich’s books are well written. In this 38 page book Helfrich covers lots...

  • Book: Helfrich: Profitable 'Coon Trapping Book: Helfrich: Profitable 'Coon Trapping
    Book: Helfrich: Profitable 'Coon Trapping
    Profitable Coon Trapping is a well written book by professional trapper Jim Helfrich. Jim is known for his line of traps, lures, and books. He is first and foremost a...

  • -50%
    Book: Helfrich: Profitable Fox Trapping II
    Profitable Fox Trapping II by Jim Helfich is a very well done book. Helfrich, well known for his line of predator traps and trapping expertise has done an excellent job...

  • -44%
    Book: Helfrich: Profitable Mink Trapping
    Profitable Mink trapping is written by well known trapper Jim Helfrich. As always Jim does an excellent job covering his topic. The book is nicely written with excellent photos. 45...

  • -38%
    Book: Kroll, 100% Fox Trapping
    A Complete course. Dan Kroll has been trapping since 1961. Kroll believes that the basics are the keys to success. Pictures and diagrams help complete his informational book on Fox...

  • -38%
    Book: Kroll: Grand Slam
    Water Trapping Methods, Muskrat, Beaver, Mink, Raccoon. Looking to Trap Muskrat, Beaver, Mink, or Raccoon by means of water trapping, then Dan Kroll's book can help you do that. With...

  • -55%
    Book: Lee: Beyond the Dirt Hole
    Written by Don Lee a seasoned trapper this book is an advanced course in Predator Trapping and has 54 pages of advice and information. Lee's tells us that he has...

  • -43%
    Book: Locke, The Details of Fox Trapping
    Locke who holds a world record for catching 200 foxes in 26 days has written this book to help his fellow trappers in understanding how to run and handle a...

  • -50%
    Book: Oldfield's Conibear Methods
    Oldfield’s Conibear Methods for muskrat and mink is a little known book rich with information. The book is not long (16 pages) but it is very well done, organized and...

  • -50%
    Book: Pavek: The Making of Baits, Lures & Attractors
    According to Pavek, the luring of animals is second in the art of trapping. While only a short 4 page read, this book contains recipes and instructions on making your...

  • -50%
    Book: Richards, Fox Trapping Facts and Fiction
    Richards is known as the “Old Bounty Trapper”. This book is written to be informative, interesting and concise. Information on traps, weather, sets and more. With a section on fiction....

  • -50%
    Book: Somonick: Coon Come Easy
    Coon Come Easy is a classic coon book written during the fur boom of the late 1970’s and early 80’s. It’s authors John Somonick and John Wilson know their stuff....

  • -50%
    Book: Vance: Antique Traps Inventions & Patents
    60 pages of Antiques, patents, and inventions all fully diagramed and dated. As shown by Vance an expert in antique traps.

  • -50%
    Book: Vance: Bear Traps
    Bear traps is a book written by trap expert Robert Vance. Vance is truly the world wide expert when it comes to traps. In this book Vance writes about and...

  • -50%
    Book: Vance: Mouse & Rat Trap Price Guide
    3rd Volume, Collectors Edition 2001. 70 pages of mouse and rat traps and their value as told to us by Vance an expert in this field. Pictures and illustrations on...

  • -50%
    Book: Vance: Trapping Secrets
    While Vance is well known for his expertise in the field of antique traps he is also a well known and professional trapper. He has been trapping since 1954 so...

  • -40%
    Book: Wyshinski: Muskrats - The Trapper's Meal Ticket
    Wyshinski a well known name in trapping, who has made trapping a way of life gives us another informational book. This book contains 46 pages of trapping methods to promote...

  • Book: Wyshinski: The Beaver Book
    The Beaver Book by Nick Wyshinski is a very well done book. It has 64 pages of excellent information on trapping and handling beaver. Wyshinski is well known for his...
  • Clearance DUKE DP Trap Clearance DUKE DP Trap
    Clearance DUKE DP Trap
    The chain is rusty, but totally usable trap. CLEARANCE ALL SALES ARE FINAL ON CLEARANCE ITEMS

  • CLOSEOUT  Dakotaline 350# Cable Restraint Moss Green 1 dozen
    CLOSEOUT Dakotaline 350# Cable Restraint Moss Green 1 dozen
    Absolutely nothing wrong with these snares except that we no longer carry this color (Moss Green) of dip to dip the snares.  There is a limited supply of these so get...

  • Closeout Canine lure and bait package
    Closeout Canine lure and bait package
     You are buying six items:-1- Red fox urine 8oz-1 Sterling Fox and Coyote bait 8oz-1 Sterling Final Approach predator chunk bait 9oz-1 Payne High Lonesome lure 1oz-1 Payne High Plains...

  • closeout Papio Creek Magnum Power-Clips-per 6
    closeout Papio Creek Magnum Power-Clips-per 6
    This package of power clips only has 6 instead of a dozen

  • CLOSEOUT, 11 Gauge wire CLOSEOUT, 11 Gauge wire
    CLOSEOUT, 11 Gauge wire
    This 11 gauge wire is rusted.  This wire is sold AS IS.  It is still usable, just isn't pretty.  

  • -50%
    DVD-Milligan-Fox Trapping Across America
    Ray Milligan's "Fox Trapping Across America" DVD starts in ideal November conditions and continues into January's frozen ground and deep snow. Contains valuable information on how to, when to and...

  • -38%
    DVD-Milligan-On the Prowl for Bobcats
    Ray Milligan's "On the Prowl for Bobcats" DVD takes you step by step from the equipment shed to the field in a matter of fact, no nonsense style. Details the...

  • -50%
    DVD-Noonan-Fisher Trapping
    Bob Noonan has trapped fisher for over 40 years, and has interviewed a number of professional longline fisher trappers. This video contains knowledge from many combined years of successful experience....

  • -50%
    DVD-Schaefer-Trapping Tricks of the Trade
    "Trapping: Tricks of the Trade" takes you from the shop to the truck to the field and back to the furshed. Separated in several different trapping related categories, this video...

  • -43%
    DVD-Sterling-Master Mink & Muskrat Snaring
    Welcome to the world of Mink & Muskrat Snaring! Many trappers wonder WHY snare these fur bearers, with the body grip and foot traps available to us trappers to use....

  • DVD-Sullivan-Beaver Control Trapping
    Beaver populations have expanded dramatically, creating a demand for trappers who can control populations of problem beaver. Presents advanced methods with a focus on removing beaver quickly and efficiently. 92...
  • -50%
    DVD-Sullivan-Clean Skinning & Stretching Beaver
    Shows the step-by-step process for putting up beaver using the clean skinning method and plywood stretchers. Clean skinning eliminates the need for fleshing. 92 Minutes

  • Papio Creek Magnum Power-Clips-Per Dozen
    Papio Creek Magnum Power-Clips-Per Dozen
    Using a screw or nail the Magnum coni-clips will allow you to place a bodygrip trap nearly anywhere. A log crossing, vertical sets for marten, or screw to a wood...

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