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  • Master - Duke Long Spring Trap
    Trap                                                Jawspread          ...
  • Tanned Red Fox  Winter “Heavy Fur” Western Extra Large Medium Grade (rfhwMG) Tanned Red Fox  Winter “Heavy Fur” Western Extra Large Medium Grade (rfhwMG)
    Tanned Red Fox Winter “Heavy Fur” Western Extra Large Medium Grade (rfhwMG)
    These foxes are Heavily furred and silky. These are extra large pelts.  They have full faces and bushy tails. These are stunning critters. We offer them as medium grades as...

  • DVD-Hauser-Raccoons, Coil Springs 'n' Blind Sets - with Ron Hauser
    Hauser’s first trapped raccoon was caught in a BLIND SET 40 years ago. Hauser has adapted his trapping skills from observing raccoons, other trappers and many seasons on the line...
  • closeout Papio Creek Magnum Power-Clips-per 6
    closeout Papio Creek Magnum Power-Clips-per 6
    This package of power clips only has 6 instead of a dozen

  • Trapping Products
  • Dakotaline Modified Michigan Coyote Snares
    Meets all Michigan snare laws. This coyote snare offers the following features: -48" of 3/32, 1x19 cable, Loop End -19" of 3/32, 7x7 cable, Tag end - ADC Washer lock...
  • Wiebe Knives Baseball Style Hats
    Wiebe Knives caps are adjustable to fit any size and have a fashionable weathered look made of high quality material.
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    Tyler A.
    Tyler Anglin: Shop ForemanTyler is a hardcore trapper. He also fishes, hunts beaver, hunts mushrooms, and is a father of two boys. Tyler is a certified welder by trade and...
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  • Survival Bracelets
    The ultimate survival cord, you can depend on your Paracord Bracelet when you need it most! Paracord is very useful for those “just in case” situations. You can use paracord to repair gear or torn clothing,...
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    Rod S.
    Rod Schneller: Customer ServiceRod was recruited by Mark in 2011 to work at Dakotaline. He has done practically every job at Dakotaline except cleaning (hint, hint). Rod has trapped since...
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    Paul A.
    Paul Anglin: Snare building, welding, constructionPaul is a trapping addict. He takes up to three months off in the fall to trap. He has two grown children and two grandchildren....
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    Orrin S.
    Orrin Steck: Snare builder, computer techOrrin has worked at Dakotaline since 2011. He has done some trapping with his dad Mark. He has no children that he is aware of....
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    Mark S.
    Mark Steck: OwnerMark grew up in Southern Minnesota. He moved to South Dakota in 1983 due to trapping opportunities. Mark started Dakotaline part-time in 2001. In 2010 He bought a...
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    Kris H.
    Kris Hoffman: Business ManagerKris grew up in South Dakota and is an avid trapper and father to six children. Kris had been in the hotel industry when Mark recruited Kris...
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    Kent J.
    Kent Jorganson: Snare builder Kent came to Dakotaline in 2015. He has trapped many years, bought fur, and is a custom fur handler.  
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  • HUGE Select Tanned BLUE FOX Hide 56" plus (blufox56)
    You are buying ONE absolutely beautiful tanned Blue Fox pelt. The pelt is a big 56"+, tip to tip and is at its peak prime. The fur on these is super thick...
  • -50%
    Join Scott on his northern Mississippi predator line as he battles snow, mud and single digit temperatures while pursuing coyotes, fox, bobcat and dryland coon. Come along as Scott delves...

  • DVD-Sullivan-Sixty Minute Snaring
    DVD-Sullivan-Sixty Minute Snaring
    Basic guide to the design, use, and application of the modern cable snare. Designed primarily for the beginning snareman. Covers all aspects of using snares including: parts and components of...

  • -50%
    DVD-Sullivan-Clean Skinning & Stretching Beaver
    Shows the step-by-step process for putting up beaver using the clean skinning method and plywood stretchers. Clean skinning eliminates the need for fleshing. 92 Minutes

  • DVD-Spencer-The Mink Movie Vol. 3 & 4
    DVD-Spencer-The Mink Movie Vol. 3 & 4
    The Mink Movie Special Edition *First Time on DVD *Volume III & IV for One Price *New Introductions from Jim *Expanded Content *Scene Selections *Deleted Scenes *Bloopers Volume III features...

  • DVD-NTA 2006 Demo DVD
    DVD-NTA 2006 Demo DVD
    Features top trappers from across the country, showing their favorite sets. Phillips, Spencer, Schmitt, Pedersen, Locklear, Jameson, Smith, O’Hearn, Gregerson, Dobbins, and Graham provide insight and information to help increase...

  • DVD-Miller-Coyote Overdose: Dose Of Adrenaline
    Coyote Overdose: Dose Of Adrenaline The Coyote Doctors have done it again! World Class hunting footage and championship calling techniques give you the "Dose Of Adrenaline" your looking for in...
    Growing up in a tight knit family along the Mississippi River, Brian Steines and Steve Griebel became as much brothers as cousins as they pursued everything with fur, fins, or...

  • -56%
    DVD-McMillan-Advanced Bat Control
    Follow Mike from bat job to bat job as he shows exclusion methods and multiple bat removal techniques. 2 Disc Set. 2 Hours & 22 Minutes

  • DVD-Masheck-Hoosier Trapper Outdoors-Season 1 DVD-Masheck-Hoosier Trapper Outdoors-Season 1
    DVD-Masheck-Hoosier Trapper Outdoors-Season 1
    Ride along with Charlie Masheck, son Jake, and son in-law Justin Jett as they check traps on their Arkansas trapline. Actual 9 days on the "line" diary: good days, bad...

  • DVD-Kaatz-New Mexico Sandhills Coyote Trapping
    DVD-Kaatz-New Mexico Sandhills Coyote Trapping
    Join Kyle Kaatz for two seasons of New Mexico Sandhills Coyote Trapping. This is not your regular instructional DVD. Filmed on a working trapline, under regular conditions. The first in...

  • DVD-Kaatz-In The Lure Room
    DVD-Kaatz-In The Lure Room
    Kellen Kaatz shares 17 years of experience in the animal attractant business. This video guide walks you through the basics of preservatives, additives, equipment, and tincturing. Once the basics are...

  • DVD-Dobbins-Traps, Equipment, and Modification
    DVD-Dobbins-Traps, Equipment, and Modification
    by Charles Dobbins & Wayne Freebersyser Trap adjustment and modifications from pans and dogs to base plates to four-coil kits to jaw lamination to chains and swivels to stakes and...

  • DVD-Crawford - LOCATING FOX & COYOTE - Vol 3
    DVD-Crawford - LOCATING FOX & COYOTE - Vol 3
    Filmed on location in Idaho, Wyoming, and Pennsylvania. Dozens of locations for Canines East/West. Detailed construction of sets for Fox, Coyote, and Bobcat. Special segment on change-up scents/lures. Important information...

  • Jeff Dunlap's Urine Enhancer
    Add urine enhancer to any urine to make it more attractive to predators. It canbe used along with lure and bait or as a stand alone attractant. Will also keepyour...
  • Carman's Muskrat Lure "Oil Apple" 1 oz.
    A sweet lure deadly on muskrats
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    Andrea H.
    Andrea Hinrichs: Customer ServiceAndrea is a native of Wyoming and has lived in South Dakota for three years. She has three children and lives on an acreage with her husband....
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