November 6th
Blog Post #3
-I stayed back at camp today. Extreme fatigue and some missed heart beats. I’m getting smarter. The two partners are hard at it. They are serious trappers.
-I was on a trapping website last night called the LYNX LAIR. My friend Lance Catron would call what I witnessed a “dick measuring contest”. Of course it had to do with the legitimacy of someone’s numbers. It’s the very reason I have not publicly shared my catches for years. Gerald Schmitt once said (this is a paraphrase) ‘no one cares about your accomplishments. You must find satisfaction within yourself.’ I probably butchered that but the meaning is there.
-The catch was good yesterday, badgers, coon, a porcupine, and of course coyotes. The best part was that there was no mange. After catching three mangy ones the first check I was concerned.
-An update on my food that has been through two winters without heat. The penanut butter looks funny but tastes good. Ketchup is a bit runnier than normal. Canned corn seems fine. It may be a tad bit tougher than normal.
-I made my trap chains much longer so I don’t lose badgers. On occasion I’ve had to track down a badger that dug up around the anchor making it easy to pull it out sideways.
-Bob the Dog and I had what some might call a “come to Jesus” meeting last night. He only weighs 11 pounds but still hogs the bed. I did most of the talking.

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