11/219 update from Mark's trapline.
Good catch today.
-three had mange and were discarded
-one very pale and beautiful coyote busted lose just as we were going to dispatch him. The last time this happened to me was Thanksgiving day 1984. That one hurt worse as I was poor at the time.
-Richard and Ed's highly visual sets seem to be working better than mine
-I went outside to pee a few minutes ago and heard a pack howling
-I went through the Burger King drive through this morning. I order gut bombs off the dollar menu. She gave me my coffee and Bob The Dog the usual two pieces of bacon. Then I drove off. She never even thanked me. 25 miles down the road I realized I'd left before she could give me the food.
-Richard and Ed are competitive and easy to be with. I'm not used to actual partners. Since nearly croaking last year it's good not to be alone out here. I'll have plenty of that as we get into extreme weather. By than I'll know my abilities.
-Before we parted company tonight I gave thanks to the Lord for a good day with friends and doing what I love.




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