November 6th Blog Post #3 -I stayed back at camp today. Extreme fatigue and some missed heart beats. I’m getting smarter. The two partners are hard at it. They are serious trappers. -I was on a trapping website last night called the LYNX LAIR. My friend Lance Catron would call...

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11/219 update from Mark's trapline.Good catch today.-three had mange and were discarded-one very pale and beautiful coyote busted lose just as we were going to dispatch him. The last time this happened to me was Thanksgiving day 1984. That one hurt worse as I was poor at the time.-Richard and...

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By Andrea Hinrichs

Marks blog #1 10/29/18I intend to do a blog at least three times per week. I have mixed feelings about this as I am a private person when it comes to trapping activities. I have various reasons for this and perhaps they will reveal themselves through these blogs. For the...

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