Hello all,

Sorry for the extended delay in writing.  Was a busy fall for us and hope each of you had success as well!  In effort to continue to offer you, (our customers), a quality product we have decided to clear out our Chinese 1x19 cable.  We are doing this as there is little consistency with it.  You may hit a few hundred feet that are ok and then you could hit a few hundred feet that have a cast to it and is more difficult to work with.  IF YOU HAVE BUILT SNARES BEFORE you can make this cable work but if not you might find it very frustrating to use.  The key is to build with the memory that is already there, especially if you are going to load.  Loading against the cast will cause a twist when you fire the snare and result in a headache for you.

If you think you can make it work then use the code, CHINA40, when you checkout and you will get 40% off Chinese 1x19 cable ONLY.  I've done my best here to provide full disclosure on what you will be receiving when you purchase Chinese 1x19 cable and as such the discounted cable CANNOT be returned and we will not replace it.  If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to me, dakotalinekris@yahoo.com.



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