Never snared beaver always used legholds. What’s the best snare for beaver? I’m snaring where there’s very steep banks and deep water.

This is similar to the Blog post regarding coyote traps.  You can build a snare 100's of different ways and then when you add the different lock combinations that can be used you likely are getting into 1000's of different ways.  I will tell you what I prefer and hopefully that will help others asking this same question.  

I have grown extremely fond of 1x19 cable over the last few years.  Especially the 1/16 size for both coyotes and beaver.  1x19 is so fast if loaded properly and can easily disappear with minimal blending.  For beaver, I like a snare that is just big enough to make a 12" loop and a snare swivel on the end.  I then run that to an extension, that will range in length from 2' to 8' depending on the length that I will need to get the snare where I want it.  The swivel we are required to have in SD but it doesn't hurt as I have had some close calls with beaver that wanted to roll and nearly unroll the snare on longer snares.  

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