I'm pretty new to trapping and want to try to catch some coyotes.  What would be the best trap for them?

Go ask 50 guys what pickup is the best, I'll bet you hear Ford, Chevy, Dodge, and maybe even Toyota.  The point is there isn't 1 right answer.  It's more about preference than anything.  Some guys prefer American made traps like Jakes, Victors, Sleepy Creek, or even Sterling traps.  Others could care less about where it's made, but want to buy a few more traps for their dollar (Duke, Bridger).  I personally, like a square jaw (Bridger), and at least the #2 size trap for coyotes.  We have a few red fox around and the #2 works well for both.  That being said, there has been a pile of fur caught in Duke traps.  They may need a few tweaks to get them where you like them but they will work and won't break the bank.  I know I haven't really answered your question that well but will finish by saying this.  I have Duke, Bridger, and MB traps that I use for canines.  The size is a #2 (except the 550s) and there are 3 swivels on each chain.  It's enough for coyotes and not terribly hard on red fox.

EDIT:  Since I wrote this Bridger came out with the #2 Dogless and I have really grown to like this trap.  Beds well and not a lot to do to get it "line ready."  

Duke also introduced a #2 square jaw this past year that is a decent trap for the money.  I used a few last fall and it did ok but the dogs can be bent as I had that happen on a few occassions.  


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