I apologize for this post as it should have been one of my first posts I ever created.  I will take a minute and discuss the actual parts that compose a snare.  I have included a picture that points to the pieces but thought I would include a little text about each as well.

The End stop:  The end stop is just that, the end of the snare.  There are many different stops that can be used such as aluminum stops, annealed nuts, and some people even use a double ferrule (aluminum sleeve).

The swivel and washer: Swivels are required in some states (South Dakota) and the use of a washer allows the swivel to function more freely when used.  The swivel is supposed to help with less kinking of the cable and help keep animal more comfortable after they are caught.

The Poly Support Collar is sometimes referred to as the whammy.  The support collar helps to hold the snare open and keep the snare elevated at the proper height.

The snare lock:  Once fired, the snare lock helps to keep the snare from coming open.  There are many kinds of locks on the market and some states have restrictions on the types of locks that can be used so be sure to check your regs before ordering.

Breakaway Device:  The one in the picture is a 285 lb S-Break Away Device.  In SD we are required to have either a fixed deer stops set at 2.5" OR a break away device that releases when 350 lbs of pressure or less is applied.  There are 2 styles of break away devices the S-Hook and J-Hook.  In terms of weight at which they release there are many options available from a 110 lb all the way up to a 525 lb.  Again, if using these make sure that you have checked your regs to be sure that you are legal.  

 Mini-Torq Dispatch Spring:  There are several styles of dispatch springs available like compression, Mini-Torq, and Stinger Kill Springs.  They all do the same thing and that is that as they compress they put pressure on the lock and do not allow it to relax.  These springs are used with dispatch snares and are designed to kill.  As with the swivels and the breakaways you want to checkyour regs before using these.  A snare equipped with these is more lethal and does not discriminate between a non-target and a coyote so please use common sense when equipping your snares with dispatch springs.


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  • I’m a fan of your snares, and I really like your LoPro locks.

    Any chance you’ll ever make a 1/8" size? I would love to try your 1/8" LoPro locks on my line.

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