There are several trapping products that I think would be beneficial in a survival situation or in a bug out bag.  One product that stands out is the DakotaLine Survival Snare Package.  It is pretty lightweight and has 3 different sized snares that will catch critters from squirrels all the way up to hogs and other large game.  The other product I would consider would be the Yo Yo Fishing Reel.  You can bait the reel, set it, and go about your other everyday duties such as gathering firewood.  The reason I like these items is that they work for you when your not there which allows you to get other necessary duties done.  There are other items that are helpful as well but in terms of trapping this would be where I would start.


I am a complete “cherry” when it comes to trapping. Around the area where I live I don’t believe much trapping is done (we have a good deer, wild hog and coyote population which we just hunt and shoot). I am a bit of a “survivalist” though; however, should, or when TSHTF and I have to “bug out,” what do you recommend I read and/or use to put in my survivalist kit/bag. Times may get a little lean!



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