Hi, I'm pretty new to trapping and was curious as to what snare lock is the best?


This question really boils down to preference and what you can legally use more than anything.  I prefer the regular mini cam but will run the thin lock or even the lo pro for raccoon or beaver.  The biggest reason I like those locks is that they are fast, very fast, on loaded 1X19 cable.  Some states have very specific requirements when it comes to the lock that you are able to use.  I.E. WI and PA must use a reverse bend washer lock whereas, MO, who are required to use a cable restraint as well, are allowed to use locks such as the lo pro and the micro lock.  The best place to start would be by checking your state's regulations, when you know what locks you are able to use then it's really a matter of just trying them until you find one that suits your style of snaring.  



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