March 27, 2014

Dakotaline Q & A

Rather than having a blog where we write about things that no one cares about this section will be devoted to question and answers for guys to ask trapping related questions they have and get answers that will help not only them, but many other trappers on the line.  Each week we will answer 1 question sent in via email.  Send all questions to




steve hunter said:

i want to buy a coupel items but having trouble geting country .Im calling from australia .Do you send here if so can you tel me how to place an order


Brad Halverson said:

First off I really like the trap dip,seems a bit soft tho, will it hold up to hot wax?


Kris Hoffman said:

Yes you can wax right over the dip. Like nearly all preparation methods it will need to be redone at some point in time.



Kris Hoffman said:


Yes we will ship to Australia, the best bet is to call the shop with your order as the shipping is far different than the site will calculate.



Paul Hegge said:

Will you custom make a snare for me. Interested in 5/64 1/19 camlock, witha BAD about nine foot?

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